Friday, 4 May 2012

EP Review of 'Bleed' by Sin to Survive

Sin to Survive is definitely a band to keep your eye on over the next year. With regular gigs and an EP already out, they seem set to storm the metal scene with their own breed of melodic, thrash type metal. Sin to Survive is one of those bands that are hard to put into any one genre, which is very evident when you listen to their EP ‘Bleed’. One thing is for sure is that they are definitely metal!

Just from the twenty second intro track, you can already sense a huge sounding band is about to bellow from your speakers. And this sure follows through with the next track, which happens to be the title track of the EP. The first thing you will notice is just how incredibly tight this band sounds. The intro tracks big sound definitely helps set you up for the metal onslaught that the track Bleed throws at you. The track encompasses pretty much everything you want to hear from a title track with no messing about. Vocally, you’ll experience crushing low screams and screeching highs from Jake, perfectly complimenting the clean vocals of Joshua, which portray a real sense of un-ease, tension and intensity that really works.

Musically, this band is not only tight, but able to produce very catchy riffs and beautiful melodies, especially prevalent in The Fear You See Through Blackened Eyes. To top all of the above off, Jacob will send shivers down your spine with breathe taking guitar solos.

The final track on the EP, Save Me From Myself, carries on the theme of high levels of technical proficiency. Not only does Alex maintain a steady and tight hold on the rhythm throughout the whole EP, but he also compliments the rest of the band perfectly, not just using the drums as a tool to keep the rest of the band in time, but also showing how the drums can also be used in a more musical sense to help portray the emotion of the rest of the band.

It’s almost hard to believe this is the first release from this band. If this EP is anything to go buy, then we here at B-Metal will be expecting high things from them when we catch them live supporting the mighty Attica Rage at the Hydrant on the 24th of May – Most certainly one for your calendar!

You can buy the bands EP from here

But it would be a lot better to pick up a physical copy from the band themselves at one of their live shows. That way you’ll get to see what will more than likely be a great live show as well as come away with an absolutely brilliant EP.

Sin to Survive will be doing a mini tour in July and a tour in October as well, so make sure you keep checking their Facebook page for more details.

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