Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mask of Judas at The Green Door Store, 16th April 2012.

Hailing from Chichester, but stalwarts of the Brighton metal scene, Mask of Judas has come a long way since their earlier days. Having seen this band live several times over the past few years, nothing could have prepared me for how powerful this band’s sound and presence has become!
Before the band had even produced one heavy, drop tuned note, the crowd had already surrounded the stage, without any enticement from the band, and filled the room almost completely to the back.
With no introduction necessary, the powerful onslaught commenced, starting with Axis, a track soon to be featuring on the bands new music video which will be accompanying the upcoming EP release. Right from that first crushingly low scream, the crowd was under Mask of Judas’ command.
With confidence seeming to be an issue in past performances, this is certainly no longer the case. With an intensity and stage presence to rival that of Alissa White-Gluz of The Agonist, Jo’s incredible vocal talents had the crowd blown away. Couple that with Jo’s beautifully enchanting clean vocals and a stage persona to back it all up, you have the ingredients for the perfect front woman.
By track three, a song called Zirtek, a working title to be released on the new EP, there was not a single head in the crowd that wasn’t moving. Particularly during the brutalizing breakdown which was shortly followed by an incredibly emotive guitar solo, produced from the axe of the bands technical guitar wizard, Sam.
To end the gig, the band played C.R, another epic working title off of their upcoming EP. And as abruptly as the set had begun, it ended, with a huge and well deserved cheer from the entire crowd. Throughout the whole night, the undeniable force of Mask of Judas’ rhythm section did not go unnoticed. With George’s rhythmically perfect bass grooves being felt through your stomach and Jof’s killer beats kicking you in the chest with every hit, the crowd had no choice but to move with every solid beat.

Mask of Judas has always been a good band, but over the years, they’ve morphed into something far more incredible. Be sure to check out their Facebook page and keep an eye out for their new EP. If this show was anything to go by, the new EP should melt your mind with raw power, emotion and technical proficiency beyond your wildest imagination.

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